Superheroes wear capes. Superhumans wear Napes. It’s our clever way of saying “neck capes.” (Feel free to insert a little chuckle here, we’re playful.) When conditions heat up, get the Nape wet, snap it in the air, and attach it to nearly any hat to stay cool. Because when your neck’s cool, your body’s cool. The Removable Cooling Nape turns almost any hat into an instant cooling UPF 50 sun protection hat. When the HEAT is no longer a factor in your performance, what more could you get done?

    The Versatile, Removable Sun Shield for Your Neck

    When you don’t have a cooling hat, the Nape is the next best thing. The Nape can turn nearly any cap into a sun defending, cooling cap. So if you want to stay loyal to your favorite sports team or can’t imagine hiking into the Grand Canyon without your trucker hat, the Nape obliges. When activated with water — the Nape cools as much as 30 degrees below average body temperature in under 1 minute. The flexible plastic connector folds into your hat’s sweatband fabric for a secure fit. So when the sun goes down, you can easily remove it and wash it for next time.

    #1 Way To Stay Cool in the Heat: A Cool Neck

    Arm yourself with the right gear to stay cool in the heat. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer sun, you know how debilitating it feels when your body starts to overheat. But if your mission is to fly fish for 12 straight hours in the Keys, photograph animals on a Safari, or float hundreds of miles down the Green River, avoiding the heat isn’t an option. Prevent burning your neck to a crisp & help control your climate — starting with your neck — so you can continue doing the things you love and doing them better than you ever thought possible.. Stay protected from the sun’s powerful UV Rays (UPF 50), no matter what the thermometer reads. The flexible Nape bends easily and packs up compactly, so it’s easy to bring on every adventure. This one’s not about looks — it’s about function and mitigating the risks of heat and sun.

    Product Technology

    Cools up to 2 hours

    Sun Protection UPF 50

    Chemical-Free Cooling

    Fabric: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
    Country of Origin: Imported
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