Introducing Heat Health™

A New Category in Comfort, Safety and Performance Improvement.


What is Heat Health™ ?

Education, Awareness and Solutions when the Heat is On.

Heat Health™ is a new consumer category, addressing the #1 Environmental Social Determinant of Health: Extreme Heat. Pioneered by MISSION, the U.S. market leader in scientifically proven wearable cooling innovations that improve health, safety and performance, Heat Health™ is an ecosystem of education, awareness, and multifaceted solutions and recommendations aimed at improving health outcomes and elevating comfort, safety, and performance for anyone who lives, works or plays in the heat.


Real Solutions that Address Real Challenges from the Heat.

Backed by Science: Ensuring Evidence-Based Heat Health™ Solutions.
  • MISSION has had a decade-long partnership with the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut, home of the MISSION Heat Lab and Heat Safety & Performance Coalition: For over 20 years, this independent 501c3 science and research entity sits at the pinnacle of scientific and research authorities, working towards eliminating heat-related injuries and fatalities among athletes, laborers, and warfighters.

  • MISSION Heat Lab – Testing the Future of Heat Health™ Innovation: Here, Heat Health solutions undergo rigorous testing and validation, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the thresholds of performance, safety, and reliability under extreme heat conditions.

  • Heat Health™ is Supported by Multiple Independent Clinical Studies: Ensuring efficacy and safety, our solutions and recommendations are rooted in research and supported by robust clinical trials, demonstrably proving the enhanced health outcomes and performance metrics from implementing Heat Health™ protocols for consumers and employees.