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Hans F.


Emily S.
Looks Nice (:

I purchased a few things from MISSION, including four different hats, for my boyfriend.
The Cooling Racer Hat looks nice.
I just received my order a couple of days ago. My boyfriend has not had a chance to wear the different hats.
He seems happy with the way they all look, so far.

*** I strongly suggest that you change your shipping method.
The USPS SMART POST does NOT work.
I made my purchase on June 27, 2023, but I didn’t receive it until June 22, 2023.
I purchased 7 different items and I spent over a $100.00.
I tried to track my order, from the Shop App and the FedEx app.
It was a confusing nightmare.
It took a while to let me know when my order shipped out.
The App showed me that my order stopped in Connecticut for several days.
I had to do some research to find out where my order was.
I also had to research to find the phone number to MISSION.
I finally spoke with someone from customer service and I explained that FedEx couldn’t find my order, at all , and then I was told my order was sent by FedEx Smart Post, and eventually it would be delivered by USPS.
It showed on the Shop App that it was in Connecticut for several days.
After I spoke with someone from customer service, my package was finally moving, but then it was stuck in North Carolina for several days.
I had to call customer service, again, to get my package moving.
It was a migraine to go through just to get my order.
That’s so unfair to the customers.
My boyfriend and I have always loved MISSION products.
It’s miserable to order from MISSION directly.
Please, MISSION, change your shipping policy.
It’s the worst.
I think the reviews will be much better, if your customers didn’t have to wait so long for their orders, and they actually received their orders without all the hassle.
Thank you for taking my review in consideration. (:

Dave W.
Wet Hat

I feel like the only cooling thing about the hat is that it is wet. I can wet down any hat and feel like it would accomplish the same result.

Thomas W.
One size does not fit all!

I wear an XL helmet, my head is 61-62 cm around. While the strap on the back will accommodate my size, it’s so shallow it fits like a beanie. The material is good and looks like if you’re a women or a teenage boy this hat would be great.

Terri L.

Everything I ordered seems like it was a kids size. Horrible return policy. Would not recommend. Waste of my money.