Feel Cool™

    Whether you’re working out, enjoying your summer hobby, mowing the lawn, or just hanging out on the patio, the MISSION Cooling Performance T-Shirt will keep you cool, comfortable, & confident. The expertly crafted HydroActive™ Wet-to-Cool fabric is ideal for higher performance in any element of your lifestyle. This shirt is built for you to move, sweat, and workout in. Get moving to activate the HydroActive™ Wet-to-Cool Technology whenever the heat rises. The proprietary, chemical-free cooling fabric cools instantly when activated with water — it cools to 30 degrees below average body temperature in under 1 minute.

    Sweat More, Get Cooler. (No Joke!)

    Don’t let the fear of sweating or peak temperatures slow you down from reaching for your exercise goals! Elevate your workout and do more with the Cooling Performance T-Shirt. It’s made of breathable fabric that helps you control your climate as you run, hike, or play ball. Keep doing whatever activity you love, no matter the temperature. The more you sweat, the more it cools. It’s sweat-tested, athlete-approved, & the specially-formulated fabric is ridiculously soft on your skin.

    Material really matters when it comes to sun protection. Brave the sweltering temperatures and UV rays when you’re wearing the Cooling Performance T-Shirt. It provides UPF 50 sun protection and the cooling technology helps you control your climate, so you can keep pushing yourself harder and getting more done, even as the temperature rises.

    Product Technology

    Cools up to 2 hours

    Sun Protection UPF 50

    Chemical-Free Cooling

    Country of Origin: Imported
    Size Descriptor: Standard Fit
    Size (Chest Measurement): Medium - 38-40
    Size (Chest Measurement): Large - 42-44
    Size (Chest Measurement): X-Large - 46-48
    Size (Chest Measurement): XX-Large - 50-52
    Fabric: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
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