Stay Cool and Comfortable Every Day
Live Your Life, Beat the Heat

Outdoor Work Employee Staying Cool with Mission Gloves & Hat

Everyday Cooling Solutions

MISSION creates innovative cooling apparel that enhances your everyday life. Our product groups are split into two technologies: HydroActive™ Wet-to Cool Technology and VaporActive™ Heat-Release Technology

HydroActive™ Wet-to Cool Technology can cool up to 30 degrees in seconds and stay cool for hours.

VaporActive™ Heat-Release Technology helps you stay cool and comfortable by releasing excess heat away from your skin.

Experience the power of MISSION cooling gear in your daily routines. Whether you're tackling household chores, running errands, or sitting at your desk, our hats, towels, helmet liners, breathable socks, and underwear provide cooling and comfort precisely when you need it.

Live Life in Cool Comfort

Don't let the heat hold you back. With MISSION cooling apparel, you can embrace every moment with confidence. Our products are designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life, offering a refreshing solution that goes beyond sports and intensive workouts.

Make everyday coolness a part of your lifestyle. With cutting-edge cooling gear, you can stay comfortable, focused, and ready to conquer any challenge, all while feeling your best.

Stay cool, stay comfortable, and make every day extraordinary.

  • Keep cool for hours with MISSION HydroActive™ Wet-to-Cool Technology. When activated with water our lightweight, proprietary fabrics enhance the natural process of evaporation to deliver instant cooling that lasts for hours. When the HEAT is on, LIVE ON // WORK ON // PLAY ON
  • Cools Instantly When Wet™
  • Keeps Cool For Hours
  • Chemical-Free Cooling Technology
  • Permanent and Reusable, Unlimited Reactivation
  • Soft & Durable Construction
  • UPF 50 Sun Protection
  • Lightweight & Breathable Fabrics
  • Machine Washable

Everyday Essentials

A comfortable day starts with the foundation. They're made to keep you cool down to the base layer for every part of your everyday.

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Lightweight Ankle Socks - 2 Pairs Socks MISSION Black L
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Performance Mesh Boxer Brief (3pack) Boxer Briefs MISSION Black / Matrix Camo / Navy S
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Lightweight No-Show Socks - 2 Pairs Socks MISSION Black S/M

Cooling Caps

Looks like your typical baseball hat? Behind our great designs, these hats feature our HydroActive™ Wet-to-Cool technology.

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Cooling Performance Hat Caps MISSION One Size Black
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Cooling Summit Hat Caps MISSION Olive White One Size
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Foldable Performance Hat Caps MISSION Black

Wide Brim Coverage

Our wide brim hat collection gives extra protection from the sun with a UPF 50 rating while cooling as much as 30 degrees below average body temperature in 3 easy steps: Wet it, Wring it out and Wave it.

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Cooling Sun Defender Hat Wide Brim Hats MISSION One Size White
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Cooling Day Tripper Hat Wide Brim Hats MISSION OS Crockery