Essential Summer Gear: Introducing the HydroActive MAX Collection

Essential Summer Gear: Introducing the HydroActive MAX Collection

Looking for maximum cooling power? Look no further than the new HydroActive MAX Collection which cools instantly to 30 degrees below average body temperature and stays cool for up to 2 hours when wet.

Our fastest-acting instant cooling towels and accessories with 30% greater cooling power than our previous towels. The collection includes instant cooling towels, hats, headbands and neck gaiters and is available nationwide starting today. The HydroActive Max Collection cools fast and lasts, and is perfect anytime you need relief from the heat. Here’s why they should be part of your gear all summer long.

→ They’ve been tested and proven to perform.

UConn’s Korey Stringer Institute is where these innovate accessories were created. These chemical-free cooling towels, hats, and headbands were proven in independent lab testing to provide almost three times as much cooling power as tractional PVA cooling towels in the first ten minutes.

→ They’re ultra-lightweight and soft on the skin.

These cooling towels are easy to carry with you to the beach, to a theme park, or when you’re playing outdoor sports, from golf to football. Toss them in your bag–you’ll be glad you did.

→ They’re reusable & machine washable.

Take these towels with you if you’re working or playing outdoors. Use them as a way to instantly cool off and lower the risk of any heat-related issues like heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

→ The cool touch fabric is also anti-microbial.

When it gets hot, you get sweaty. So it’s a good idea to have a cooling towel, hat, or neck gaiter that is anti-microbial, so you have one less thing to worry about. These towels cool as low as 60 degrees and will be a great solace from the summer heat.

→ They block up to 98% of UV rays.

The towels are versatile, but they definitely succeed at one thing: keeping you protected on a hot, sunny day. So keep yourself covered (and cool) with a hat or headband.

→ They fit your style.

With a variety of colors and patterns, you’re sure to find the cooling towel that matches your style. Perfect for everyday use, each of the items has been thoughtfully designed to provide maximum cooling without sacrificing style or comfort.

→ They’re great for running (and any other sports).

Voted one of the best running accessories for 2018 by Outside Magazine, the MISSION HydroActive MAX Large Instant Cooling Towel is perfect to wrap around your neck to cool after a long run on a hot day. And all the products will come in handy for any other hot day activities, from gardening to golfing to summer vacations in hot destinations.

So if you’re looking to get cool, and stay cool, the HydroActive Max Collection is one the best ways to be there.  Even tennis star Serena Williams knows this to be true:

"The MISSION HydroActive MAX Instant Cooling Towel is always in my tennis bag.  It's the best product on the market for an instant cool down during intense tournaments or training in the heat," explains tennis champion, Serena Williams. "As a Mom, I know staying cool off the court is important as well. The new MAX Collection is perfect to keep cool and comfortable in the sun." 


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