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Inside the technology.

Vaporactive™, powered by 37.5® technology, is infused with naturally derived active particles embedded at the fiber level. These particles use the body’s naturally occurring infrared energy to rapidly attract, capture and evaporate moisture - keeping you cool, dry and comfortable.

  • Permanent Technology
  • Ultra Comfort
  • Compression fit
  • Odor Resistant
  • 4-Way Stretch

Permanent Active Particles.

Never quit. The ultra-fast drying technology is embedded in the fibers and is designed to never degrade or wash out.

Hyper Evaporative Cooling.

Wicking is over. Wicking just moves the sweat around. Revolutionary VaporActive powered by patented 37.5 technology ATTRACTS and rapidly REMOVES sweat, keeping you ultra-dry, cool and comfortable.


NO STINK. Our fabric contains 37.5 active particles that attract and trap odor-causing molecules, releasing them later in the wash.

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