Added to Cart: VaporActive Ear Warmers with NitroACtive Heat Booster
VaporActive Ear Warmers with NitroACtive Heat Booster | Leopard/Black (4 Pack)




    Chase away chills with these revolutionary ear warmers with heat boosters that provide a fast and comfortable way to warm up your ears on the go. The sleek design provides more than 6 hours of instant heat. The air-activated heat pods produce heat by simply peeling back the label. You can reseal them too, for an on-demand heat boost when you need it.

    • Follow enclosed instruction sheet
    • Do not puncture the product or cut/tear it open
    • Avoid getting contents in your eyes or mouth
    • If contact with eyes occurs, flush thoroughly with water
    • If swallowed, contact a poison control center
    • Keep out of reach of pets
    • Careful adult supervision required when product is used by children
    • Infants should not use this product
    • Once cool, properly dispose of as normal household waste
    • Potential burn hazard
    • Do not use on skin for extended periods of time
    • Immediately stop use if product becomes too hot or uncomfortable
    • Do not use in oxygen-enriched environments
    • Do not use with other heating devices, or heat in microwave
    • Children, the elderly, the disabled, and anyone unable to remove the product on their own should be supervised while using this product
    • If product is used incorrectly, it may cause burns
    • Do not use product on bruised, sensitive, swollen, frostbitten and/or desensitized skin, on open wounds, or while sleeping
    • Do not use product if you have allergies, diabetes, arthritis, paralysis, nerve damage, or circulatory problems