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Classic Cooling Headband | Hi Vis Coral/ Grey


Hi Vis Coral/ Grey


Enjoy staying active longer when the temperature rises with MISSION. The Classic Cooling Headband stays in place with double-sided fabric to keep hair off your face and sweat out of your eyes. It cools instantly and stays cool for up to 2 hours allowing you to continue doing what you love in the heat.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT, STRETCHY & NO SLIP: The headband/sweatband stretches to comfortably adjust into place with double-sided fabric that KEEPS IT IN PLACE
  • COOLS INSTANTLY: When activated with water it cools to 30 degrees below average body temperature in under 30 seconds. Activate quickly in 3 steps: Wet it, Wring it out and Snap it.
  • KEEPS COOL FOR HOURS: It stays cool for up to 2 hours so that you can comfortably stay active longer. To reactivate, just re-wet and snap.
  • SOFT: Wet or dry it is always soft and comfortable next to the skin.
  • CHEMICAL FREE & UPF 50: The headband is reusable and machine washable, with permanent chemical-free cooling fabric technology that will never wash out. It also provides UPF 50 protection from the sun.
  • MISSION cooling products are made of a proprietary performance fabric with cooling technology that enhances the natural process of evaporation. It is machine washable and reusable with chemical free fabric and cooling technology that does not wash out. It remains soft when wet or dry. The only thing you need to worry about it is feeling cooler so that the heat doesn’t slow you down from doing what you love.

    2.5" height
    Fabric Content
    92% Polyester/ 8% Spandex
    Country of Origin